Do I Really Need An Antivirus For My Computer ?

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Need an antivirus

Is An Antivirus Necessary For Your Computer? 

Is an antivirus necessary? A lot of you might have this question, but the short answer is – Yes, Antivirus is extremely necessary. There are endless security threats on the internet that are only a single click away from infecting your computer. As we all know that – “Prevention is better than Cure,” it is better to get an antivirus than to get a hacked computer.

According to a recent survey by THE HINDU, India tops the list of top 30 countries attacked by ransomware, with 68% of Indian companies being hit by ransomware in the past 12 months.

Antiviruses are specifically designed to provide maximum security to your computer against the clicking of malicious websites, suspicious links, and other unknown threats. If an antivirus detects anything suspicious, it will directly make attempts to remove the corrupted file.

Whether you are using Windows, Chrome, or Linux, the one thing that is common is that all are prone to viruses and other common threats. Even Mac users require virus scanners. Even if you have a Windows Defender; your computer is still prone to new threats.

Why An Antivirus Is Necessary For Your Computer – 10 Reasons 

The possibility of your computer getting infected by a virus is extremely high, as it is connected to the internet, and you also tend to plug in other media devices. An antivirus is necessary for your computer for numerous reasons. From malware detection to ransomware protection to zero-day threats to good protection of web browsers, a good antivirus has it all covered with extra features. Let us look at some of the best features provided by antivirus software.

Malware Detection

Using an antivirus with a good malware detection rate is necessary, as it not just detects the malware but also removes most of it using Heuristics, Sandboxing, and Malware databases. 

The heuristics method works great for detecting known malware as they use algorithms for comparing the signatures of viruses in the files against potential threats in the malware database.

Sandboxing method is widely used by security applications and antivirus programs. In this method, a threatful program is placed inside a controlled environment for inspecting the behavior of the malware and developing protection against it.


Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is malicious software that works differently from traditional viruses.

It blocks access to your data and attacks your important files, by holding them hostage with encryption until the victim pays a ransom fee to the attacker.

Ransomware is extremely common these days, and so is the protection against it. If this attack is not treated on time, you may permanently lose access to some of your important data and files.

An ultimate antivirus suite reduces the probability of this ransomware attack and notifies users with known ransomware. 


Online Webcam Hacking Protection

Using malicious software, the hackers can gain access to your webcam. The hackers can operate your webcam remotely, without you ever  giving access to it.

You can get your webcam hacked by clicking on malicious links or using remote software. Webcam hacking is extremely dangerous as it compromises your privacy, and this further leads to you exposing your personal and financial information before you even know of it.

An online webcam hacking protection secures your webcam, by automatically detecting and preventing hacking attempts, as and when they occur. It provides online protection and blocks untrusted applications from accessing your webcam.

Online Banking Protection

As the popularity of online banking services has been increasing in recent times, the theft of banking information is also increasing with it.

Cybercriminals use various techniques to gain access to your banking information to steal away your funds. Your funds require the utmost level of security.

Online banking protection is required to get an additional layer of security, when you are transacting with financial websites. An antivirus is necessary here as it protects against trojan viruses and other threats that could harness your financial information.

Remote Desktop Hacking Protection

Remote desktop hacking has become a common way for hackers to steal valuable information using your networks or devices.

If you are regularly using a remote computer or desktop, you are very vulnerable to remote desktop hacks. In some cases, someone might be accessing your computer remotely without even you knowing it. A good and updated antivirus detects threats and scans your computer to prevent known remote access attacks.

Web browsing Protection

Web browsing protection is necessary if you regularly use the internet on your computer or any other device. It shows you the safety rating for the websites listed in the search engines. 

As the configuration set-up for many browsers is not secure, your computer gets compromised when you click on fraudulent links. Web protection provides you additional security measures to prevent unauthorized third-party activity when you are surfing the web or accidentally clicking on phishing sites.

A safe browser has a list of authorized programs, and they prevent activities that are unauthorized or not approved to keep your computer safe from accessing harmful websites.


A VPN service lets you hide your real IP address by protecting your online identity and by-passing geo-blocks and firewalls. 

A VPN masks your original IP address and provides you with a new one, which makes tracking you extremely difficult. Even if someone tries to track your IP address, it wouldn’t be your actual one but the proxy VPN server.

This can be extremely helpful for online banking as they secure your device and banking applications from cybercriminals and hackers.


A firewall prevents cybercriminals and hackers from attacking a network. It is known as one of the best protections against internet threats. A firewall is a network security device that observes and monitors both incoming and outgoing network traffic.

Based upon a set of security rules, a firewall decides whether to allow or block specific traffic. There are three basic types of firewalls: Proxy Server Firewall, Stateful Inspection, and Packet Filters. These are used to keep destructive elements out of the network and protect data.

Parental Controls

Having parental control software installed on your computer is necessary these days, if you have kids that use the internet regularly.

This software is great for regulating your kid’s online activities and habits. With parental control, you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids visiting unsuitable websites through malicious links, as this software blocks the websites that are not suitable for kids.

As parents, it is our job to keep our kids safe from these cybercrimes, and investing in good security software is important for the safety and well-being of the kids.

Password Managers

By using the same password for all your online accounts, you give easy access to hackers to take over your digital life.

If a hacker or a cybercriminal gets access to one of your user accounts, it is very easy for them to access your other accounts and impersonate them. Having the same password leaves you vulnerable to hackers and increases the risk of your data being hacked.

Instead, you can use password managers as they generate strong passwords instantly, which would be a combination of letters, alphabets, and special characters. Of course, remembering each of these would be hard, but the best part is you have to remember the one master password. A password manager takes care of the rest, assuring you the utmost security using two-factor authentication.



A good antivirus software should scan and detect viruses and other malicious software, fight them, prevent them from affecting your devices and remove security threats.

With numerous antivirus software available in the app store these days, it will surely be hard to select the best one to protect your computer.

But we have made this step easy for you.

Avast Premium Security is the safest and genuine antivirus security software. It has a perfect score with a fast-scanning engine which allows you to clean your computer in a short period of time. With Avast, you can be rest assured that it will not just protect your computer from any ongoing threats but also prevent future malware.



Is antivirus necessary for Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes with an in-built antivirus protection in the form of a Windows Defender. But it still needs third-party antivirus software. Windows Defender lacks in usability, protection and performance when compared to the other antivirus software. It also lacks amazing and popular features such as in-built VPN and password managers.

Is antivirus necessary for PCs?

Depending upon the operating system your PC has, adding antivirus protection to it is an absolute necessity to protect your device from malware and cyber threats. It is not necessary to just detect viruses harming your computer, but a good antivirus also prevents bloatware and other malicious software from completely ruining your PC.

Is antivirus necessary for Windows 7?

Though Windows 7 has some in-built security protections, it is advisable that your device also has some kind of third-party antivirus software to avoid ransomware attacks and malware attacks. As the Microsoft support has ended for Windows 7, cybercriminals and hackers will likely be targeting the devices with this operating system. To ensure that your Windows 7 device is protected from all the cyber threats, a good antivirus is very critical for the security of your device.

Is antivirus necessary for MacBook?

There is a misconception that MacBooks cannot be hacked as they are immune to viruses and other cyber threats due to their robust security measures. Apple devices like the MacBook are susceptible to malware and other viruses just as a Windows PC. Though MacBook might not be a frequent target for the cybercriminals as Windows PCs, they too have their fair share of cyber threats. From all the viruses, malware is a major threat for MacBooks.

Which is the best antivirus for Windows 10?

Antivirus software requires good protection and rating too. Detecting, eliminating and preventing cyber threats is the primary consideration when you are looking for antivirus software. Though Windows 10 comes with an in-built Windows Defender, it still lacks the essential features of a good third-party antivirus. Avast Premium Security software protects your Windows 10 PC from malware threats, ransomware, zero-day attacks and much more. This antivirus is perfect for Windows 10 as it covers up all the features that are lacking in a Windows Defender.